Announcing Charity Cup as a Fundraiser for UNICEF

15 March 2022

The Meltwater Champions Chess Tour is horrified by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The fastest growing humanitarian crisis in Europe since the Second World War is unfolding due to Russia’s military actions. Millions of civilians are affected, and children in particular are being profoundly traumatized by the violence around them. 

In response to the ongoing situation, the next tournament in the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour will be named the Charity Cup. It will also serve as a fundraiser for UNICEF. UNICEF provides life-saving support for children and their families in and around Ukraine, and the Tour wholeheartedly supports their humanitarian work. 

“As a global organization serving millions of chess fans around the world, we are humbled to be in a position to organize our upcoming tournament, the Charity Cup, as a fundraiser for UNICEF to support their vital humanitarian activities in and around Ukraine,” said Andreas Thome, CEO Play Magnus Group.

Play Magnus Group believes that sports, and chess in particular, can play a significant role in offering unity by bringing people to the table, physically, virtually, and metaphorically. Still, based on the situation in Ukraine, after careful consideration the Tour has decided not to include any Russian players for the tournament starting on March 19.