Magnus Chess Academy

Magnus Academy began as Silver Knights when a pair of brothers who grew up loving chess wanted to share their enthusiasm with kids. After ten years teaching chess, Silver Knights partnered with the Play Magnus Group in 2021 to take their mission to bring chess to schools to the next level.


Kids trained





Without the element of enjoyment, it is not worth trying to excel at anything.

- Magnus Carlsen

5-time World Chess Champion

Adam and Daniel Weissbarth, Founders

Adam (USCF 2255, National Master) serves as president, Daniel runs operations. The pair have personally taught thousands to play chess. Aligned with Magnus Carlsen’s views that one method isn’t best for all and that fun must be part of learning, Magnus Chess Academy has brought chess to over 100,000 kids across the US, and online, around the world.

Realizing the Vision

Teaching in elementary schools is the core of the program, with students learning in nearly 300 schools (and growing) each week. In addition the Academy runs summer camps, weekend chess tournaments, and more. They offer a significant need-based scholarship program to allow hundreds of children each year to participate in the programs.

The Best Place to Learn (from people) Chess Online

Magnus Chess Academy Online is a flexible program where students in elementary and middle school do weekly semi-private lessons with children their same level and great chess coaches. In addition, students get online practice tournaments, broadcast lessons, and special events!