Investor relations

The Group’s investor relations (IR) activities shall contribute to ensuring the information disclosed to participants in the financial markets provides the best possible basis for a correct valuation of the company. The overall target for the IR activities is to ensure that the Play Magnus Group complies with the laws and regulations that are applicable for a company listed on Merkur Market on Oslo Børs.

Equal treatment of all market participants is an essential principle for the Group. The IR function shall ensure that all participants in the financial markets have timely and simultaneous access to accurate, clear, relevant and complete information from the company which may influence the value of the company’s shares.

The Play Magnus Group seeks to at all times comply with The Oslo Børs Code of Practice for IR.

The Play Magnus Group will not publish analysts’ consensus estimates.

Communication with shareholders

The Play Magnus Group seeks to engage in an open and continuous dialogue with participants in the financial markets. Regulatory releases are disseminated broadly through a network of newswires, on Oslo Børs’ service, the company’s website and by email to subscribers. Other channels of information are annual and quarterly reports, in meetings with investors and analysts, and participation at conferences. Presentations used in meetings with individual investors shall not be materially different from those previously presented on the Group’s home pages, nor shall individual investors be given verbal information that is not shared with the overall market.

Written communication from the Play Magnus Group will be in English. Presentations and meetings will normally be held in English.

The Company’s CEO and CFO are Play Magnus Group’ points of contact towards the financial market.

During the last three weeks prior to the publication of interim financial reports, special care with regards to the information provided should be shown, and the company’s representatives will during this period refrain from discussing the Company’s performance and prospects with analysts, investors, media or others.

The Play Magnus Group is audited by

PricewaterhouseCoopers AS