Magnus Carlsen

5-fold and current World Chess Champion, highest rated Chess player ever. Co-Founder of Play Magnus.

Meet Magnus Carlsen

From a young age, Magnus Carlsen’s extraordinary talent and ability in chess were evident. Since becoming World Chess Champion in 2013 and the highest-rated player in history in 2014, the Norwegian Grandmaster has stayed at the very top in classic, blitz, and rapid chess.


Magnus is born

On 30 november 1990 Magnus is born in Tønsberg, Norway


Start chess

Magnus Carlsen is introduced to chess by his father Henrik at age 5.



Magnus Carlsen becomes the  youngest Grandmaster (at that time) in the world at age 13.


World Champion

Magnus becomes the World Chess Champion after defeating India’s Viswanathan Anand.


Play Magnus

Together with his father Henrik, Magnus founds Play Magnus AS.


First winner CCT

Magnus wins the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour 2021 Finals, becoming the online tournament’s first Tour Winner.


Defending World Champion

In December 2021, Magnus succesfully defends his World Champion crown in Dubai, and becomes a 5-time World Chess Champion.

Founding Play Magnus

In 2013 Magnus Carlsen co-founded the Play Magnus company launching 2 apps, Magnus Trainer and Play Magnus. The goal of the company was providing users with the Magnus touch, learning from the world champion.

Roles in the company

Magnus Carlsen holds a unique role in the company.

Key shareholder

Magnus Carlsen is an active co-founder. Through his company Magnus Chess, he is one of the major shareholders of Play Magnus AS.

Key part of the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour

As the World No. 1 chess player, Magnus Carlsen has been key to the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour's commercial success as the richest and most-watched online chess event ever.

Content Creator

Magnus created several highly rated Chessable courses and chess24 videos. He has a combined following of over 2 million across his social media channels.

Special Advisor

Magnus Carlsen’s involvement is a unique asset for the group. He is our top, global ambassador, our expert consultant, and has special input on all major decisions.