Our Company

a person playing chess

Play Magnus AS was founded in 2013 with the goal of making the world a smarter place through chess.
The Play Magnus Group is an ecosystem of innovative digital brands and services focused on delivering the best eLearning and entertainment experiences for chess fans around the world. Through its leading brands, the Play Magnus Group covers key areas of chess including play, watch, study, learn, coach and compete.


  • icon of peopleChess is global, accessible, and enjoyed by people representing all demographics.
  • icon of a brainChess has strong positive associations ranging from strategic thinking to brain health to youth learning development, and much more.
  • icon of a globeChess is a millenia old game with a rich history engraved in cultures around the world.
  • icon of a pcChess is booming as chess players increasingly shift to online platforms.

Our mission

  1. Introduce more people to playing and watching chess.
  2. Encourage more people to learn and study chess.
  3. Enable more people to earn a living from chess.

Our values


  • We honor our word.
  • We are honest, transparent, and consistent in our actions
  • We own our actions and their consequences, as well as those for the teammates for whom we are responsible


  • We treat everyone from colleagues, partners, and customers in the same fair way. This means with respect, courtesy, and humility, the same way as we ourselves, would like to be treated, regardless of rank or seniority
  • We work with the ethos of a meritocracy


  • No matter how difficult the situation or the decision, we stand up for our values, even if it is not necessarily the most popular or easiest way
  • We dare to take calculated risks, make mistakes, learn from them, and change
  • We recognize our open limitations and are not afraid to ask for help. We will mentor and be mentored


  • We work hard but also smart to achieve and exceed our goals

Make a Difference

  • We support the growth of the chess community.