Meet our team

Management team

Andreas Thome

Chief Executive Officer

Prior to joining Play Magnus, Andreas Thome was the COO of Opera Software ASA, where he served for 10 years on the management team.

Arkus Fredriksson

Chief Strategy Officer

Arkus Fredriksson has worked with Play Magnus since 2016 on strategic and corporate development initiatives, including the formation of the Play Magnus Group through the consolidation with chess24 and acquisition of Chessable.

David Kramaley

Chief Technology Officer

David Kramaley founded Chessable in 2015 and joined the Play Magnus Group in 2019. He has since become CTO of the Play Magnus Group and oversees all development of the Group’s platforms.

Dmitri Shneider

Chief Financial Officer

Dmitri Shneider joined Chessable as the company’s COO in 2019 and became CFO of the Play Magnus Group in 2020.

Myriam Ben Farhat

Chief People & Culture Officer

Myriam Ben Farhat joined as a certified professional coach in 2020 and became VP of People & Culture of the Play Magnus Group in 2021.

Scott Dodson

Chief Marketing Officer

Scott joined as group CMO in 2021. Scott is a repeat entrepreneur and mentor from the Seattle, USA who has lived in the EU for the past eight years.

Sebastian Kuhnert

Chief Business Development Officer

Sebastian J. Kuhnert is the Chief Business Development Officer of Play Magnus AS and joined the Play Magnus Group as CEO of chess24.

Tatiana Guarconi

Chief Information Officer

Tatiana Guarconi joined Chessable as the company’s Head of Data Protection, Business Intelligence and IT Operations in 2021 and became CIO of the Play Magnus Group shortly after.

Board of directors

Anders Brandt

Chairman of the Board

Espen Agdestein

Board Member

Henrik Carlsen

Board Member

Leonid Solovyev

Board Member

Nils Lensch-Franzen

Board Member

Patrick Sandahl

Board Member